Paper Towel Ghost Craft

This craft was inspired by my uncle and his family. A bunch of years ago, they cut up an old bedsheet to make ghosts to hang in the trees around their property. It looked so cool! So I decided to do a paper towel ghost craft with Lorelai this morning. It’s very easy!

Paint a paper towel white. Or you could probably use a glue/water (more glue than water) concoction. OR, you could just skip this step altogether. I wanted our ghost to dry a little stiff, though.

The first towel got saturated, but the others were only semi-painted, so they will still be able to sway in the breeze.

Roll up a bit of toilet paper to make the head.

Place it under the paper towel and lift, scrunch, and then tie a piece of thread to secure the head.

I let Lore paint on the faces when they were semi-dry. I keep forgetting to pick up black paint, so brown had to do.

Once they dry completely, I’m going to string them onto a piece of thread (stick the needle straight through the noggin) and hang them up on the patio. It’s covered, so no rain will hit these little guys. =)

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  1. Ohh these are so simple and so effective! I am going to have to try these – I have just put white paper towels on the shopping list, we only have red ones at the moment. I am loving your site, and your beautiful photos too. Thanks!

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