Pom Pom Spider Craft


Halloween is coming up quickly, and I had to dig deep for some new Halloween crafts for the kiddos to do. When cleaning out our craft car, I saw these mini clothespins and remembered the button spiders we made. Our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com recently gave us some black pom poms, and I immediately knew what we were going to make… pom pom spiders!


Seriously, how cute are these things? Lorelai and I were so excited when they started to come together. The mini clothespins were the perfect size!


What You’ll Need:
– Pom Poms (we used black)
– Mini Clothespins
– Paint
– Glitter Glue (optional)
– Paintbrush
– Googly Eyes
– Glue

– Clip on your mini clothespins to the pompoms. (You might need a larger pompom if you can’t fit 4 on each side!)
– Carefully paint the clothespins. (Note: you can do this step before, but it wasn’t difficult at all to paint while clipped to the pompoms)
– Glue on the googly eyes. We used fast-drying superglue. White glue will work too, you just have to be careful during the drying process.
– Add glitter glue.

Tip: Add a magnet on the back to decorate your fridge!

I really hope you get to do this craft with your child(ren) for Halloween. It was a big hit with my 9-year-old!

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