CD Fish Craft


Looking for a fun, classic craft? Here you go! This CD fish was super easy to make. The best part? Sequins! Lorelai, my daughter, is currently obsessed with using her rainbow sequins. Pair it with a shiny CD, and any sparkle-loving kiddo will enjoy it. =)

cdfish3What you will need – a CD (we used a scratched up blank one), glue, sequins, googly eye, a pencil/writing utensil, and construction paper of any color for the fins.
-First, lay your CD down on top of the construction paper. Draw the fins, lips, tail fin, etc as shown in the photo above. Have your child cut out the pieces.
-Next, dot glue all over the shiny side of the CD and let your child add the sequins and googly eye.
-Allow to dry for a bit, then glue down the fins/lips/etc.
-Voila! You have a CD fish! I told you it was easy. =)

cdfish2I hope you get a chance to do this fun CD fish craft. Here are some of our other fish crafts: handprint fish | fish sponge painting | printable fish craft

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  1. So that’s one way we can recycle old CDs, huh? They came out so pretty; I’d like to try one and hang it up somewhere. Thanks for the idea!

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