Paper Bag Puppy Dog Craft


Good morning! Today I’m posting about dogs, or more specifically, a brown paper bag dog puppet craft. That’s a mouthful. =) My animal-obsessed, future veterinarian recently requested another dog craft. We have been on a puppet kick lately, so this really was the perfect craft for her. Paper bag puppets are classic and are always super easy to do. Check out our owl and giraffe from last week! The instructions for this cute puppy dog are at the bottom of this post.

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Craft Directions

Materials You’ll Need:
Brown Paper Lunch Bag
Construction Paper – brown, white, and blue (colors can be changed up!)
Glue Stick
What To Do:

  • On your brown construction paper, draw all of the parts for the dog – the legs, muzzle (oval), tail and ears. Cut out and set aside.
  • On your white construction paper, draw the large oval for the belly, and the eyes. (Note: for the eyes, I just drew in the center circles with my marker. You could use black construction paper or just googly eyes as an alternative.) Cut out and set aside.
  • On your blue construction paper, draw the rectangle collar. Cut out and set aside.
  • Mock assemble your dog.
  • Next, glue everything down!
  • This is seriously so easy, I don’t think instructions are even necessary. I just like to put them up to be thorough. =)

Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

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