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We are big fans of frogs around here, especially frog crafts! We recently made a Paper Roll Frog that’s totally adorable, and also a Printable Frog, Orange Frog, Tree Frog, and a Frog Life Cycle set. Lorelai was so happy when she found this craft set up and ready for her when she got home from school one day last week!
As far as Paper Bag Puppets go, we’ve made quite a few of those as well: Owl | Eagle | Puppy | Giraffe

frog (1)
What You’ll Need: 1 Paper Bag, 2 Pieces of Green Construction Paper, 1 scrap of Red Construction Paper, 1 scrap of white paper, a marker, scissors, a glue stick, and a green dot marker.

frog (2)
– On your green construction paper, draw the arms, legs, and eyes (back). On your other piece, trace the shape of your paper bag, drawing a line at the flap so you know where to cut.
– Cut out all of the shapes and glue down, starting with the rectangles that will cover the paper bag.
– Draw the eyes on the white paper, slightly smaller than the green circles. Glue down onto the green circles.
– Next draw the tongue on the red construction paper, cut out, and glue down underneath the flap.

Alternative: have your child paint the paper bag instead of using construction paper to cover it!

frog (3)
So there you have it, a cute Paper Bag Frog Puppet! I really hope you get to make one – it’s so simple! Enjoy!

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  1. love your crafts, easy yet difficult enough to where my boys are keeping occupied. Thank you!!

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