Melted Crayon Rainbow Art


Hello crafters! Today I’m sharing an art technique that you have likely seen before – melted wax art! In fact, last year I posted a Printable Rainbow that we decorated with melted wax. During that project, we held the crayons over a candle and then smooshed the hot tip onto the paper. This way is much, much safer, and way more fun! It’s even fun for adults – I did my own batch of rainbow art!

What You’ll Need: a candle warmer (you will find these near the candles at Michaels or Walmart), crayons, and some cardstock paper. I cut our regular-sized paper into 6 smaller rectangles that sat perfectly over the candle warmer.

Plug in your candle warmer and turn it on. Once it is heated, place the paper onto the hot surface and use your crayons. As soon as the tip of the crayon heats up, it will start liquifying… it looks just like paint! Just swirl your crayon around to create some art. You can see some of our examples in the first picture above.

*NOTE: PLEASE SUPERVISE YOUR CHILD(REN) WHILE DOING THIS PROJECT! Lorelai touched the black part by accident a couple of times and, while it didn’t burn her, she quickly understood to avoid it because it does get hot. If little fingers touch it for an extended amount of time, burns can occur. Supervise your children at all time and be right there to assist them in turning the paper on the warmer if necessary!

*Clean-Up is also super easy. If some crayon gets on the warmer, just take a paper towel and wipe the surface while it is still hot. DO NOT USE WATER! The paper towel will get all of the wax while it’s still hot.

I hope you and your child enjoy exploring melted wax art. It really is so fun to do! Check out some of our other rainbow crafts: Macaroni Rainbow, Pot of Gold & Rainbow, Printable Rainbow, Hanging Rainbow Pasta, Cloud & Rainbow, Scratch & Sniff Rainbow

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