{ New Storage, Yay! }

New system. Hopefully it stays this neat, ha!

I’ve been wanting to revamp our organization system for a while. It was getting pretty bad. Paints all over the place, stacks of construction and cardstock papers everywhere. I put my foot down last night and we went out and got a new shelving unit to store everything. I purged a lot of stuff that we weren’t using and probably wouldn’t. The essentials are now in the baskets (paints, brushes, glue/glitter, etc, papers.) while her workbooks and puzzles are stored in the empty spaces.

Oh, and yes, it’s accessible to Lorelai, but she knows not to touch the baskets. The top ones are pretty heavy from all of the stuff inside and it’s over her head anyway. We’ve had a talk about it, too. She never really bothered with the paints, even before when they were just sitting around. Glitter is her major weakness, LOL!

Look into the baskets

Lorelai got 3 new puzzles yesterday. I easily justified them because she was putting the same 3 puzzles together repeatedly several times a day. This girl loves her puzzles! Now we have a place to store them all instead of just stacking them in the living room. 🙂

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  1. Awesome!! I need to find something for storage. Right now it’s all in a box, and a reusable bag on my kitchen counter! :/

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