{ Back in MD }

We arrived safely in Maryland on Tuesday, a little over a week before our original due date here – September 1st. I was scheming to surprise my parents, but they turned the tables on me – sorta! I pretty much knew the night before that my mom knew, as she was acting strangely on the web cam. I had told my dad about the change in flight in order to surprise my mom, but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut! I know not to scheme with him again, LOL!

Anyway, it’s good to be in the home where I grew up and with some of my favorite people – my family! Lorelai is totally eating up the attention and has been non-stop going since we got here. She loves Trent, though they like to push and punch each other around a bit – LOL! That’s what cousins do, right?! Ha!

It was nice getting to catch up with everyone. We still have a bunch of people to see, but we’ll get to them eventually! LOL!  I also have to start planning Lore’s birthday party. She’s still very much excited about it! =)

Off to bed now!

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