Natural Paintbrushes


Making natural paintbrushes is a fun activity that produces great results! We really enjoyed this one – from making the brushes, to seeing the end product of the painting. It was all really neat! We have painted with spaghetti, pinecones, and cotton before, but this one definitely took the cake. These brushes would also work great with our homemade paint!


The materials you need to make the brushes are in the photo above – some twigs, twine or string, and some evergreen leaves.

The directions to do these are simple – Lay the string out flat on your surface. Layer the evergreen leaves around your stick until you have a good-sized brush. While still holding the twig/leaves, gently lay it down onto the string. Let go slowly – most of the leaves should still stay in place. Tie the string. I tied twice around each paintbrush so that the leaves would be secure. Tie as many times as you have to in order for your leaves to stay in place. That’s it!! You should have some great looking paintbrushes like these below:


Lorelai had a “slap” technique that, when combined with the evergreen leaves, created a splattery, dotted effect. I only gave her 3 paint colors to go with the three paintbrushes, and she went to town with the splattering.




Overall, I think this was a definite HIT. We will definitely be making more natural paintbrushes in the future. I hope you get a chance to make some! I bet your child will love it as much as mine did. =)


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  1. I love it, Kimberly! We have cedars at the back of our yard that will be perfect for this! Thanks so much for linking up on my wall today!

  2. The twins were painting on a board outside and one was stuck on what to paint. Daddy said, “Why don’t you paint a dandelion?” He went to do something and a few minutes later she ran up to him with a dandelion covered with brilliant blue paint!

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