Printing & Painting with Celery

Hey there! I want to share this fun painting project with you all. I was chopping celery the other night and got down to the hard end that I normally toss, when a Craftsy post popped into my head. I’d been meaning to try this fun celery printing project since I saw it and I’m glad I remembered — it was pretty cool! And the best part? It’s SO simple.
All you need is the end of the celery, some paint, paper, and a paper plate (or paint tray). You cut the celery towards the bottom, straight across. Have your child dip it into the paint and then have them press it flat onto the paper. Voila! It leaves behind this cool flower-y print.
I gave Lore three paint colors and she ended up mixing and swirling them together. She printed a bit and then used the celery more as a paintbrush and experimented with dragging and swirling it around on the page.
Overall, easy, fun, and it was the perfect after-school art activity. It only took a few minutes and we will DEFINITELY be doing this again. Thanks for stopping by!

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