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Happy 4th of July, everyone! We are having a really low-key, relaxing day, and are loving every minute of it! Some pictures from our “activity” today:

Night Sky

Anyway, we’ve done this activity a few times over the past year. Lorelai loves poking holes into the paper and I incorporated that into different little pictures. Today she wanted to do it again, so we started off with the night sky. We colored the entire page blue and then Lorelai went to town poking holes over the page. When you hold it up to the light (not directly against it!), it will look like the night sky. 

Light = Sunshine, Lorelai = My Sunshine. Haha

Then we did a beach. Same concept, except this time with just the sun cut out. Lorelai loved this one because she knows we’re going to the beach soon. She had fun coloring, too.

I guess I should say that I have *no* idea what to label this project/activity/craft as. Somebody help me come up with a real name for it so I can do my labels! 🙂

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