{ Holiday Weekend }

Indoor playgrounds, shopping, and drive-in theaters, oh my. We had an action packed day yesterday which involved lots of fun. We met up with our new play group in the morning and had fun meeting new people. We went to this indoor play place/cafe which had this huge indoor structure that kids could climb up and in. Lorelai would get up into the middle of it and I wouldn’t see her for half-hours at a time. I kept catching little glimpses of her running by holding hands with her little friends, waving to me, or smiling with kiddie abandon. We stayed for almost 3 hours, but she still wasn’t ready to go. Leaving involved quite a few tears, but that’s normal for my little drama queen. LOL


In the evening we headed to the drive-in theater that we frequently visit. They were showing Cars 2 and the Green Lantern, both of which turned out to be pretty good. I wasn’t expecting much from Cars 2 – the sequels to kids movies (hell, any movie) usually suck. It was actually pretty cute and had a good story line. Lorelai ended up falling asleep 35 minutes into the movie and stayed asleep the rest of the time. Once again, it was nice having my almost-4-year-old sleeping on me like a newborn. It always turns me into a sap, lol!

We usually get to the drive-in a couple of hours early to (a) get a good spot and (b) let Lorelai run off the ‘wiggles’ before the movie starts. There’s a dinky little play ground at the front of the playground and we just let her go and play with the other kids running around while we hang out by the car in our canvas camping chairs. She was having a lot of fun playing with this one little set of girls. They were slightly older than her, but she didn’t care. At one point she was sitting in a circle with them and M went over to check on her. One of the little girls said that they were about to play Duck Duck Goose and he said, “Lorelai doesn’t know how to play Duck Duck Goose.” Wrong move, Daddy. Lorelai burst out crying and screamed, “I DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY!” He totally embarrassed her in front of her friends and had to do some serious butt-kissing to get back into her good graces. LOL!

The entire time we were there, there was a huge storm system coming south towards us. Everyone was watching it come at us with bated breaths because an outdoor theater + rain = canceled movies. But the entire storm kind of split and went to either side of us. Sounds lame, but it was kinda incredible watching the lightning miles off on both sides while the sky above us is completely clear aside from a few straggling little clouds, especially when it originally looked like this giant wall of black clouds. We really lucked out!

I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. I’m jealous of my family in Maryland who is doing their first pig roast tonight, then fireworks tomorrow. Their cookouts are the best.

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