Laminate Ghost Craft


The photographs I got for this craft really do it no justice; this one is super cute! I’ve used laminating sheets for crafts before and they always come out really cute. I was brainstorming Halloween crafts when I thought it would be cool to do a see-through ghost. It really is the perfect spooky craft to hang up in your home.



Laminatad Pocket (already laminated)
Small Hole Punch (optional)


What To Do:
– Laminate your laminating pouch. If you don’t have a laminator, you can use a clear transparency, or a no-heat laminating pouch.
– Draw ghosts onto your laminate paper, including the face.
– Cut out the ghosts.
– Hole Punch & String up the ghosts.
– Hang them up around your home!

This really is such a fun craft. We will definitely be making more of these to hang around!

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