Apple Print Jack-o-Lanterns


Apple printing is a tradition for us; we re-visit this project every year without fail. However this year, we decided to switch it up some. Instead of printing with red paint, we used orange in order to turn our apple prints into cute jack-o-lanterns!

With Halloween right around the corner and us slacking on Halloween Crafts, it made perfect sense to spin our classic craft into something festive. This couldn’t have been easier to do, either.


Materials: An apple (halved stem to bottom), Paper, Orange Paint, Marker

Directions: Dip your apple half in paint, then press carefully onto your sheet of paper. Once in place, press down firmly until the paint is transferred completely. Repeat until you have your desired number of “pumpkins”. Allow to dry. Once the paint is dry, use your marker/sharpie to draw on the faces and stems. Easy peasy!

I hope you get a chance to do this fun activity with your children. Don’t forget to check out our other Halloween Crafts & our Fall Crafts Round-Up!

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