Ladybug Worksheet

I’ve been working on numbers and counting with Lorelai for what seems like whatever. Unfortunately, she seems to take after me when it comes to numbers and not liking them overmuch. So I made this worksheet for her last night during a fit of insomnia. The point behind it is to get her to recognize the circled number and then draw the spots on each ladybug.

Getting the hang of it!

She didn’t “get it” for the first ladybug, but she caught on quickly. Like the Color by Numbers sheet, she enjoyed it. She recognized all of the numbers but did need help with the dots.

I also made this into a printable in case anyone was interested in using it. 🙂

Open Ladybug Worksheet Printable

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  1. Oh I love this idea! We’ve been working on recognizing numbers a lot lately, and P’s gotten really good! She loves ladybugs so this is a great worksheet for her! Thanks!!!!

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