DIY Homemade Bow Holder

Homemade Bow Holder - So easy!

I’ve been wanting to make a bow holder for Lorelai for the longest time. We’ve been using two pieces of ribbon tacked to the wall, and while that did indeed work, it wasn’t the prettiest. Plus, our little feisty cat decided to shred the ribbon inch by inch until it was nothing. So a new project idea was born.

After browsing Michaels this weekend, I came across these little wooden letters and the need for a bow holder came back to me. I’ve seen many variations of this project/craft, but using raised wooden letters on top of a wooden plaque isn’t one I’ve see a lot. I placed it all out in the store and thought it would be cute.

We started this on Saturday and just finished today. I told you, I’ve been lazy lately!

Didn't manage to get many pictures of the process. Lore helped paint, of course!

So Lorelai helped me paint. She did most of the letters while I worked on the plaque. It’s not perfect with perfectly straight paint lines. Then today, we hot glued the letters and ribbon on. I’m sure there is a better way to do this, but I have a glue gun, but no tack nails. So glue it was! Plus, I’m a descendant of the King of Jury Riggers, so if it will work, I’m down with it! (LOL! Sidenote: Have you seen this website? Hilarious!)

Finished product, without bows.

This wasn’t hard at all to do, in case anybody is wondering and wants to make one. The painting part is pretty self explanatory. The only tips I have with the ribbon and glue is to make sure you smash the ribbon down onto the glue while it’s still hot. If you don’t do this, the ribbon will be raised from the wood and it would be easy to peel off/the ribbon won’t hang right. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

I think a new project for myself that I’m going to do is to learn how to make bows. I’ve heard that they are really easy to do, I just have to try!

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