{ Hello, Hump Day }

Too busy to blog? Apparently! Here is what we’ve had going on:

Saturday: Left in the AM for the library’s 2nd Annual Book Celebration. Lorelai had a blast doing the crafts, decorating a cookie, getting her face painted like a bunny, and then playing dress-up with a bunch of other little girls. I know there was more, but we had to go and it was getting packed. We also listened to Laura Numeroff (childrens book author) speak, which was nice. Lorelai was antsy at that point, so we just left. Then we headed up North to see M’s parents. It’s been a month and a half since we have been able to get up there (and the road only goes one way there) so it was nice to see them. We ended up staying a few hours, and then we left Lorelai to go on our “date” to the movies. Saw Fast Five, which we really enjoyed.

Sunday: Actually didn’t do much on Sunday. I felt like I had been hit my an 18-wheeler. My head hurt, my back hurt, I just felt like poo in general. So I laid around trying to make myself feel better. I came around in the afternoon and ended up going to the gym in the evening, which helped my back considerably.

Monday: Went to the gym and spent an hour at the pool swimming with Lorelai. Tried to organize the apartment after a non-productive weekend. I tried blogging, but didn’t feel up to it.

Tuesday: Went on another bus adventure to go to storytime. Met a new friend and spent a couple of hours there letting the girls play together. We came home and before we knew it, we were back out. Went to Applebees for dinner, then traveled all the back up to M’s parents’ house to see his brother who had just flown in from Hawaii (Navy). We didn’t stay long because he had stuff to do, but it was a nice visit. Coming home, we stopped off at the park and let Lorelai play on the playground for 45 minutes. Then we came home and went to the gym. It was, needless to say, a busy non-stop day.

Today has been much more mellow. I’m taking a day off of the gym, but will go swimming later. If Lorelai is up to it, we will probably do a craft sometime. My number one priority for the day is to CLEAN.

As for my weight-loss, I’m going to do the update on Friday. I’m doing a pretty good job working my ass off… literally!

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