Fall Tree Craft

While blog-surfing yesterday, I stumbled upon this fall tree craft that incorporated a tracing of the child’s arm. So cool! (By the way, if I ever come across the original blog, I’ll post. I have no clue where it is now!) You’ll need tissue paper and glue as well. I cut some really simple leaves out of tissue paper by folding it up a ton of times and then cutting them out. You can’t really mess that up. =)

EDIT: Found it! Looks like this one was also originally posted at Paper Crafts for Children, though we did ours a bit differently. I love that site. =)

Glue the hand down onto the paper. Squeeze out glue for the leaves & let then let your little one pick out the leaves and paste them on. Lorelai did help me with the glue. She glued the entire hand and then I just swirled the glue around the page really quickly.

She was so proud of her handiwork!!

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