Footprint Reindeer Craft


I am so in love with all of these handprint and footprint crafts. I can’t believe how big Maddie’s foot has gotten! It takes up most of the center of a paper plate. My older daughter’s (9, Lorelai) doesn’t even fit anymore. Craziness! We had a day of crafting this past weekend and this is one I made with the little. She loves doing crafts and this one was no exception.

I’ve made something like this before with Lore: footprint & handprint reindeer. We’ve also made other fun reindeer crafts: printable caribou reindeer, reindeer ornaments, paper roll reindeer, printable rudolph craft.

– Paper Plate
– Paint: brown, red & green (optional)
– Paintbrushes
– Googly eyes
– Marker
– Red pom pom

What to Do
-Paint your child’s foot brown, then press firmly into the center of your paper plate.
– While it’s drying, carefully paint the border of the paper plate red and green. This is optional, but definitely takes the craft up a level in my opinion.
– Allow to dry completely.
– Draw on the antlers. You can use the photo above as reference.
– Glue on the googly eyes and red nose.

This is so easy and is super cute. Plus, those little feet don’t stay little forever. This will be fun to look at when they are a bit older. =) Happy crafting!

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