{ Handprint Fireworks }

Firework Hands!

This is an extremely easy 4th of July craft for kids of all ages! Keeping with the patriotic theme, I prepared today’s craft with Lorelai in mind (like always). She loves fireworks and has been talking nonstop about seeing them this year. Fireworks as a craft? Yeah, kinda tricky, but I incorporated into her handprint to give her a little more control over the craft. She traced her hands, glued, and glittered. I did the scissors and helped glue the actual fireworks. Fun, fun!

Materials We Used:

  • Construction Paper – Red and Blue
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Scissors

Directions: Trace your child’s hands onto a piece of red construction paper. Cut out and glue down onto the blue paper. Using your glue bottle tip, create a fireworks-esque design on top of each hand, being sure to extend the lines up each finger. Then let your child dump the entire bottle of glitter down on top… just kidding. But if your child is anything like mine, s/he will try! Make sure all of the glue is covered with glitter, and then shake the excess off.

Voila! Handprint Fireworks! 🙂

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  1. I oohed when I saw the eagle but this is super cute too! Thanks so much for the fantastic projects this week, I’ll be linking.

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