Leaf Rubbings

I’ve been looking forward to this craft for weeks, but have just gotten around to it today. Part of the reason it wasn’t done sooner was because we didn’t have any crayons. A while back, Lou went through a “let’s draw on the walls!” stage and I got fed up and threw them all away. Then we left her newest box in MD and just replaced it the other day. Anyway, she had run making leaf impressions. It’s so simple!

In case you live under a rock (no offense!) and don’t know how to do a leaf rubbing, you just put a leaf (vein side up) under a piece of paper (the thinner, the better) and then rub the broad-side of the crayon against the paper.

We used to do this at my grandmother’s house, but we’d use her lace tablecloth. =)

I had to help her some at first, but she got it eventually!

Afterward, we wrote PopPop a letter and she drew a picture of her and Pop. (Mom, don’t show dad this!)

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