{ Fresh Look & Preschool Ramble }

Out with the old, in with the new! LCL has a new feel to it! I went with the gray/fuschia color scheme, as it’s one of my favorites. I’ve been itching to re-do the header and “logo” and I’m really liking the end result. There are still a few bumps that need to be ironed out ~ I’ll get there!

I’m excited about getting back into the swing of things tomorrow. M goes back to work and Lorelai and I will get back to crafting and homeschooling preschool. I’m really bumping up the “curriculum” with the new year. Lore is right on the brink of reading – close enough to be frustrated when she can’t read a word. I’ll be working with her a lot to help her get over that hump so that she can read some of her favorite books. We will also be working on numbers since we haven’t really focused on them overmuch.

[rant removed]

Anyway, we are planning on putting Lorelai into a real preschool in the fall so that she can get used to the classroom setting, which I definitely think is important. She’s going to do great, I know it. She could sit at the kitchen table with me for hours doing ‘school stuff’ and she really has a thirst for learning. =)

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  1. The thirst for learning is what’s important. She’s a smart girl, and has got a smart girl for a Momma! Keep loving and teaching her, and she’ll do JUST FINE.

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