Printable Caribou Reindeer Craft

Christmas has passed, but it is still winter. With that Polar Vortex mess having just happened, it felt like the right time to post this fun Arctic Animal. I’ll be honest – I had no idea that a caribou is the same thing as a reindeer until I was looking up the facts before I designed the craft. I had always assumed it was a cousin-deer. You can find a handful of our Christmas-y reindeer crafts here and can find the link to open and print this realistic caribou/reindeer craft below. Enjoy!

Open Reindeer Printable

Facts About Caribou

  • Caribou are also known as reindeer!
  • They are found in the northern (colder) regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Greenland.
  • Every year, caribou herds migrate north to the tundra to feed on grasses and plants.
  • Both male and female caribou have antlers and are the only type of deer with that trait.
  • They live an average of 15 years and weight between 250-700lbs.
  • They are classified as endangered.
  • Read more fun facts about caribou herds here.

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