Finding Nemo Printable Craft

Printable Nemo Craft
The white lines on Nemo's back are a bit tricky. I dotted paint in the areas that were orange, which helped Lorelai know where to paint (and where not to).

Finding Nemo is such a cute movie. I remember seeing it in the theaters with a friend when it first came out. I also remember trying not to cry… and failing miserably. It’s just one of those movies that never gets old! Lorelai loved it as a young toddler because of all the bright colors, and she loves it even more now. She was so excited when I surprised her with this craft yesterday. I didn’t have time to put it up last night so I saved it for today. A big, huge thanks to Kirsty from England for suggesting this craft via the form found here! Print below and enjoy!

Open Nemo Printable

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  1. I just found your website. I love it! My granddaughter and I will be doing many of these activities. One problem I had though, I was unable to download the Nemo printable. It kept giving me a blank page. Can you send it to me or repost it please?

  2. I love this website! I work for the Boys and Girls club and it’s difficult at times to find something that both our 5-6 year olds love and out 9-10 year olds. This Nemo Craft hit home for both of them.

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