{ Homemade Face Paint }

My little rainforest butterfly! Homemade Face Paint
Making homemade face paint

So I’m seeing a pattern in our weeks. We do great with our routine Monday through Wednesday, but come Thursday and Friday, we get busy and have to finish up our plans over the weekend. That’s what happened to us this week. Thursday we went to an awesome storytime at a local bookshop and then ran a TON of errands. Yesterday (Friday), Lorelai attended a “Beach Party” at her gymnastics gym. It was from 6:30pm – midnight and she had a BLAST! I totally cried like a baby after dropping her off because it hit me that she’s growing up so quickly. I mean, I’ve known this all along, but this was really her first time away from us for a decent chunk of time. She will go to my in-laws house for a few hours every now and again while M and I have a date night, but that’s with family. M laughed at me while I mopped up my face (I cried off most of my makeup, haha) and we went out for dinner and a movie. We saw the Hunger Games, which was actually REALLY good! I read the books a while ago, so I was really excited to see the movie. Surprisingly, they did a very good job on the movie! I’m usually disappointed in book-to-movie flicks but not this time!

Anyway, so we all slept in this morning and spent the day relaxing and playing. Lorelai and I went out on the patio this afternoon and did a craft and then made some homemade face paint. I’ve been promising to do this for ages but kept forgetting about it. Since we’re still on the rainforest theme, she chose a “rainforest butterfly”. Close enough! =)

1 tsp of Cornstarch
1/2 tsp of Water
1/2 tsp of Cold Cream (plain lotion will work!)
Food Coloring (I used liquid but gel will probably work best)

Just mix it all up and apply with a paintbrush. Lorelai dumped WAYYYYYY too much food coloring in and it ended up staining our faces a bit. Just use a drop or two so that it won’t do that. You could also use powdered tempera paint.
If your face does stain, just rub a little bit of lemon (or baby oil) and wash with soap. It should come right off!

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