Printable Dog Craft: Boston Terrier


Ever since we adopted our dachshund puppy, Slinky, my six-year-old has become obsessed with anything dog related. She was very happy to craft this cute boston terrier craft! In fact, when we went to the dog park last weekend and saw a couple of these dogs running around, she shouted, “Look Mommy! It’s the doggy […]

Printable Pug Craft


Good morning! Today’s craft is a printable PUG! I absolutely adore this flat-faced breed. I had one growing up and she was hands down the sweetest dog. My parents recently adopted a pug/lhasa apso mix, so Lore was excited about getting to craft a pug! I did help her paint the face on this one […]

Printable Dachshund Craft


Today I’m posting a brand new printable craft ~ a dachshund (pronounced “dox-sun”) doggie! It has been a while since I have posted a printable craft, so I’m excited to bring this one to you all. We have a dachshund puppy (Slinky) that we are totally in love with. Lorelai asked me to design a […]

Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole) Printable Craft


A couple weeks ago, we did a very cute African Wild Dog craft for our Endangered Animals unit. When researching endangered animals, I came across the Dhole, also known as the Asiatic Wild Dog. Lorelai happily painted the pup a reddish brown and chose to give him googly eyes. She did a great job cutting […]

African Wild Dog Printable Craft


Of all the endangered animals we have crafted lately, this african wild dog is one my favorites. I love the different colors of its coat and how Lorelai really took her time in creating that dappled effect. As you can see, I made the legs a bit longer so that we could use the brad […]

Printable Puppy Craft


We recently adopted a sweet little pup that we named Ellie. She’s a Maltese/poodle mix, and is Lore’s new best friend. I made this printable puppy craft to surprise Lore with – and she was so excited about it. She got to craft her puppy! =) She painted it a light tan. I think it […]

{ Paper Bag Puppy Dog Craft }


Good morning! Today I’m posting about dogs, or more specifically, a brown paper bag dog puppet craft. That’s a mouthful. =) My animal-obsessed, future veterinarian recently requested another dog craft. We have been on a puppet kick lately, so this really was the perfect craft for her. Paper bag puppets are classic and are always […]

Printable Wolf Craft

Printable Wolf Craft

Hello strangers. =) It’s been a week since I’ve posted a craft. We’ve been busy-busy-busy! Lorelai started preschool and gymnastics, and we had our first MOPS meeting. Add to that a couple of playdates with my moms group, there hasn’t been a whole lot of spare time to do crafts. Plus, I ran out of […]

Bloodhound Dog Craft


I had good intentions with this printable. It did look like a bloodhound when I made it, but with the paint colors being off and not being able to really show the wrinkling, this bloodhound looks like a Labrador! That’s okay, Lorelai doesn’t know the difference. Today she learned all about the dog with the […]

Printable Valentine Pets

Valentine Pets!

Last night while doing the elephant, M came over and said I should make a cat for Lorelai since she is [STILL!] obsessed with them. He had to help me a lot on it because the vision was just not there, but we got it. It’s not perfect, but it’s Valentine-y. He had to go […]

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