Printable Wolf Craft

Printable Wolf Craft
Blending Colors

Hello strangers. =) It’s been a week since I’ve posted a craft. We’ve been busy-busy-busy! Lorelai started preschool and gymnastics, and we had our first MOPS meeting. Add to that a couple of playdates with my moms group, there hasn’t been a whole lot of spare time to do crafts. Plus, I ran out of cardstock and not a single store had any in stock! Well, none of the reasonably-priced stores. I ended up caving and got paid an arm and a leg for a big pack. We should be good for a while.

Anyway, I just dropped Lorelai off at school and I’m hanging out at a nearby Starbucks. Her school is half-day, so not long enough to really go home and accomplish anything. I makes more sense to save on gas and get some blogging done. So the printable for the wolf is below. Enjoy!!!

Open Wolf Printable

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