Layers of the Rainforest Printable

Rainforest Printable

Open Layers of the Rainforest Printable

This week, Lorelai is learning all about rainforests. She got really excited when I told her about all of the crafts and activities I have planned for the week ahead. It’s going to be busy, but lots of fun! Starting off Monday morning, I showed her this printable I made ~ Layers of the Rainforest! We went through each layer and I read her the little description and gave examples of different animals and insects living within. I also read her some little tidbits that I’d picked up from various websites:

  • — Rainforests are wet, warm, and dense forests. They are teeming with millions of plans, animals, and insects.
  • — Rainforests are found around the equater of the earth. Most rainforests’ temperatures stays between 75° F and 80° F. They never get too hot and they never freeze.
  • — It is alost always raining in a rainforest. Over 80 inches of rain falls in a rainforest each year!
  • — Tropical rainforests are very important to the Earth’s ecosystem. They recycle and clean water and the trees and plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Stay tuned for today’s craft! It’s a fun one!

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