Fun Learning

We had a fun morning of learning and crafting, followed by watching a new movie – Megamind. Lorelai had a lot of fun doing her school activities this morning. First thing, we went over the Learning Board and ABC sounds, then went on to the workbooks and writing pages. She was very eager to do the pages and didn’t want to stop once we were finished.

First, we started off with patterns. She nailed them!

Then we did the letter ‘A’ worksheet in the book, which she loved.

After the worksheets, it was on the Number Memory and practicing letters.

She knows how to spell and write her name without help. Yay!

Letter “F” is drying alongside our shamrocks.

In case anybody is interested, I made the number memory into a printable. I recommend downloading onto cardstock since regular printer paper would probably be too thin to hide the numbers.

Open Numbers Memory Printable

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  1. admin says

    It was a gift to Lorelai for her birthday, but I’m pretty sure it came from WalMart.

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