Flower & Butterfly Crafts Round-Up


Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for fun spring crafts. Flowers and butterflies are essential to spring-time so I thought it would be fun to do a round-up! Here is a list of our flower and butterfly crafts, both printable and non. Don’t forget to PIN the above image, or share this […]

Painting with Flowers


Painting with flowers has been a big trend on the blog-o-sphere lately, and we finally got around to trying it out! We’ve had fun using alternative paintbrushes, such as our natural paintbrushes and spaghetti ‘brushes’, in the past. This one definitely didn’t disappoint! We ended up using some fresh (er, not-so-fresh) cut flowers that my […]

Printable Craft: Rose


Roses are beautiful flowers, and while this printable doesn’t do them justice, it’s still fun and pretty. Lorelai made this printable rose craft for her Aunt Karen after seeing that her Gammie’s rose bushes were in full bloom. Earlier this week, we did this hibiscus craft. You can find more flowers in the Miscellaneous section, […]

Printable Craft: Hibiscus Flower


Flower crafts have always been a hit here. In the past, we’ve done a printable tulip craft, ,recycled cupholder flower craft, a cupcake liner and popsicle stick flower, a flowerpot craft, a black-eyed susan, and a handprint sunflower. This hibiscus flower craft was simple and turned out really cute. Lorelai chose to paint hers orange […]

{ Flower Sun-Catcher Craft }


Sun-catchers are such a fun and easy way to implement craft time in your child’s life. If you haven’t made one with your child yet, I highly recommend it! * Please ignore the dirty windows. I’m too busy doing crafts to scrub windows. Just kidding – that window is right up against a parking lot, […]

{ Cup-Holder Flower Recycled Craft }


Recycled materials are always fun to craft with. I collect paper towel and tissue paper rolls, bottle caps, cereal boxes (broken down), old magazines, and more. No, I’m not a hoarder. I have a small box under my kitchen sink that I keep filled with materials we can turn into a craft. I came up […]

{ Printable Tulip Craft }


Lorelai did this cute tulip craft a few days ago when she wasn’t feeling bad. She used pastels and worked on blending. Though you can’t tell from this pic (my flash blew out the colors – oops!), the colors are actually really cute and are blended well. She has a lot of fun getting her […]

{ Easy Flower Craft }


Springtime is almost here! I know many parts of the US are breathing a huge sigh of relief right about now. And, while the temperatures in Houston never got too cold, I am ready for bright blue skies and fun spring activities. Lorelai asked me about flower crafts a couple of weeks back and I […]

{ Printable Flower & Pot Craft }

Lorelai painting

This one was inspired by a pin I ran across on Pinterest yesterday. Lorelai was sitting beside me, spotted it, and immediately asked to make it the colorful, painted flower. It wasn’t a printable so I quickly made one. She had fun using a bunch of different colors. I can’t find the original pin, but […]

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