Painting with Flowers

Painting with flowers has been a big trend on the blog-o-sphere lately, and we finally got around to trying it out! We’ve had fun using alternative paintbrushes, such as our natural paintbrushes and spaghetti ‘brushes’, in the past. This one definitely didn’t disappoint!
crafts-072We ended up using some fresh (er, not-so-fresh) cut flowers that my husband bought me weeks ago. They were headed for the dumpster and I decided to save a few clippings for this art project.
crafts-077Some of the petals came off of the green flowers since they were older. Lorelai loved it though and dubbed it a “fairy painting”.
Materials We Used: paper plate (or cardstock), paint, fresh flowers – that’s it!
Just press the flowers into the paint and then down onto your paper plate or cardstock. So easy and fun!

For more alternative paintbrushes & paint recipes, please check out our Paint Section!

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