{ Flower Sun-Catcher Craft }

Sun-catchers are such a fun and easy way to implement craft time in your child’s life. If you haven’t made one with your child yet, I highly recommend it!

035* Please ignore the dirty windows. I’m too busy doing crafts to scrub windows. Just kidding – that window is right up against a parking lot, so the outside is always dusty.

I did a different approach this time. I usually a printable shape, printed twice with the “windows” cut out, and with wax paper in between. That way works just fine, but I found this way to be much easier. It doesn’t look as “complete” as the others, but it works.


What You’ll Need:

  • Contact Paper – two equal pieces clipped.
  • Marker
  • Tissue Paper, cut into squares
  • Scissors

What to Do:

  • Draw a flower shape onto the non-sticky side of one of your contact paper squares.
  • Tape up the contact paper (the one with the flower – reserve the other!) to either a window or wall. I taped ours to Lore’s easel since we don’t have any big spances of window… Make sure it’s sticky side out.
  • Have your child decorate the flower with the tissue paper.
  • When s/he is finished, peel off the protector of the other contact paper. Place it carefully over the flower design. Smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Trim your paper down. I left a little edge around the flower, just because. You could cut on the line if you want a cleaner look.

Voila! A fun spring flower craft that your little one will be SO proud of! I know mine was!

Note: If your child is anything like mine, he or she will have fun sticking various body parts (hands, elbows, and nose) to the contact paper. Beware of hair (oops) and make sure you securely tape the contact paper down in the second step!

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