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While we were visiting M’s family yesterday, Lorelai was writing and drawing on a white board they had. She did pretty well writing her name by herself, but I noticed she had a hard time writing a couple letters of her last name. Since we haven’t been practicing letters too much lately, I decided to make a dedicated sheet for her to write down some of our weekly assignments. I also made this into a printable, but I’m having issues uploading to my server. I’ll keep trying and post a link when/if I get it to work.


She did really well, and only had issues writing the “k” in the word “pink”.

The other writing page shown above was downloaded from ABCTeach. It’s a great site with lots of tools and resources for teaching your children. I printed a couple of their handwriting pages, but I’m not sure if we are quite there yet. The lines for writing are a bit small and cramped and I think over Lorelai’s head right now. The site is definitely worth checking out though!

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