Wombat Printable Craft

Wombats are cute, pudgy marsupials that are found in Australia. My daughter, Lorelai, enjoyed learning about this animal and making the craft to go with it. Looking for another common marsupial crafts? Check out the kangaroo!

Open & Print: Wombat Craft

Facts About Wombats
– Wombats are marsupials, meaning they have pouches on their bellies in which they grow their babies.
– A baby wombat lives within its mother’s pouch for about five months before emerging.
– Wombats use their claws to dig holes in eucalyptus forests and grasslands.
– Wombats are nocturnal and vegetarian (herbivores). They come out at night to feed on grasses, bark, and roots.
– Wombat burrowing in fields can be destructive to ranches and farms that depend on their crops.
– They are native to Australia.

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