Whale Craft with Printable

Whale Craft

Today’s craft was this adorable little whale. I worked hard this weekend/last night to come up with a bunch of new printables for the week ahead. We have a pretty busy schedule with play dates and a short road trip planned, that I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit down during the week to make new crafts. So, I slaved last night and came up with 4 new crafts for this week. You can check out the preview on LCL’s Facebook Page… just scroll down some.

Lorelai was thrilled to see that today’s craft was a whale. She has asked for a whale several times in the past, but I couldn’t get it right. This one isn’t perfect, but at least it’s cute! 🙂 Download/Print & Directions are at the bottom of this post.

Open Whale Printable

Materials We Used:

  • Card Stock – for printing the whale printable
  • 1 Background – we used scrapbook paper
  • Paint – light blue (white & blue mixed)
  • Googly Eye
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush (duh)

Directions: Print out the whale printable. Have your child paint each part, and take care to skip the mouth/smile. Once dry, cut out and assemble/glue as shown above. We used a piece of scrapbook paper as the background. It fit!

Tip: I had Lorelai paint everything, then we went back over the smaller fin with a slightly darker blue. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but there is a difference. I just added a few more drops of dark blue to our paint mixture and mixed… simple!

Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

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  1. Hi! I often drop by your site to get some craft ideas for a toddler’s class that I handle, and I must say your site is amazing! Everything is laid out nicely and easy to understand! The photography is amazing too! Many thanks and keep up the good work!

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