Tips for Painting with Toddlers

Painting with Toddlers

Painting with young toddlers can seem like more effort than it’s worth, but introducting your child to paint CAN be made easy. Lorelai started painting at 18 months and she took right to it. Here’s a list I’ve compiled of good tried-and-true tips for painting with toddlers.

  1. Strip them down first. They’re going to get paint everywhere, that’s a given. Make clean-up easier on YOU by eliminating the clothing part.
  2. Contain them. Don’t let them stand at the coffee table and fling paint. Put them in their high chair to avoid having a new mural on your wall. This will also help them focus on what’s in front of them, instead of, say, the dog.
  3. To Brush or Not to Brush? That is up to you! Every child is different. Some can hold a paint brush early, while the others think it’s funny to throw them across the room. Go with your gut here!
  4. Finger Paint with Food. For the really young tots, this is the best way to go. Add a little food coloring to yogurt or pudding (optional – plain would work too!) and let them smear it over a printed coloring page.
  5. Don’t stress! Kids know when Mommy is not having fun, so relax. Anything can be cleaned, they are not going to paint for 4 hours (you’ll be lucky if they last 5 minutes!) and they are not going to be making masterpieces. The process of playing and creating is what’s important. Make it fun!
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