Symmetry Painting

We recently explored symmetry through paint and cardstock. It was a fun evening project after supper, and required very little materials. All you need is paper (preferably cardstock), paint, and paintbrushes (optional – fingers work, too!). To make a symmetrical painting, you fold your cardstock in half, open it back up, and paint one side. Make sure you just do one side – this will help show your child how the painting gets copied onto the other side. We also only did one color at a time so that the paint wouldn’t dry before we could transfer it. After you finish painting, re-fold the paper and press the two sides together.

newcrafts2-019Lore was excited to see that her painting transferred and copied perfectly to the other side. There were a couple of spots on her other paintings that had too little paint and didn’t copy completely. She just went back over with the paintbrush again and re-pressed. Aside from the dots, she also did a butterfly and a heart. Both came out really cute and she loved that it was the exact same thing, just reversed, on the other side.

I hope you are able to do some fun symmetry paintings with your little one. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Such a simple idea, but I remember being fascinated by this process as a child. Love the pretty results! Thanks for sharing with us today, Kimberly!

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