Sponge Painted Jack-o-Lanterns


Every year around Halloween, I try to do at least one cute Jack-0-Lantern craft with Lorelai. In the past we did Candy Corn Jack-o-Lantern and a Paper Plate Jack-o-Lantern. Both are ridiculously cute! You can see all of our Halloween Crafts HERE!

crafting-019So what you will need for this craft is above — a sponge shaped like a pumpkin, 2 pieces of sponge shaped like an eye and mouth, paint, and paper. That’s it!
To make a pumpkin sponge, I just used scissors and cut it out. It’s really so simple! If your sponges have the hard scrubbing back, just take a sharp knife and slice it off (that’s what I did).

crafting-045Just dip your sponges into the paint and dab them on the paper, pressing firmly to get the full shape. Lorelai had a bit of trouble with the tiny triangle [eye] but she figured out how to hold just the top of the sponge and not the painted bottom.

crafting-051This one is messy and we embraced it! It’s been a while since our hands have gotten messy with paint. We did this fun project out on our patio so we wouldn’t have the mess inside. I hope you get a chance to do this festive art project!

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  1. Surprisingly, it was only messy for little fingers. =) Potato stamping is fun.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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