Spider Web & Spider Craft

This is a fun and cute Halloween craft for kids that will definitely be refrigerator-worthy. Lorelai had so much fun doing this one, no doubt because of all of the sticky and gooey glue that she got to play with!

Spider web & spider craft
Painting the background black and the spider bits orange!
The glue "cup" & Lorelai doing the spider web. Notice how the web lines crisscross over and look like spokes!

Materials We Used:

  • Scrapbook or cardstock paper (white) for the background. Black construction paper will work, too!
  • Paint – Black and Orange (Omit black if you use black construction paper)
  • 2 “woodsies” circles (card stock would work, too)
  • 8 mini popsicle sticks
  • thin white “craft” yarn
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • paintbrushes

If you are doing the scrapbook paper/cardstock route, have your child paint the entire paper black. Allow to dry. (Skip that step if you are just using black construction paper.) Paint the two “woosie” circles and all 8 mini popsickle sticks orange – this will be the body/head and legs of the spider. Allow to dry.

For the web, you will cut a bunch of “lines” of strings for your web. This isn’t an exact science – just try to get the string long enough to go across the entire paper. Dip one piece of string into a small cup of glue. Pull out, and then lay down on the paper… you will be doing the “spokes” first, which you can kind of see in one of the pictures above. Repeat until you have as many spokes as you want. Then, starting in the middle, take the string and start circling around to form the connecting lines. Lorelai did most of this, but I had to help her get the lines a little more straight.

Once the web is finished, glue down the spider and add the eyes. We didn’t have a lot of small eyeballs so we did a mixture.

If you don’t have any “woodsie” circles, cardstock will definitely work too! Ditto with the legs/mini-popsicle sticks!

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