{ Rain & Shine }

I mentioned in our last post that we were starting to get a storm. It lasted for about an hour and a half and then moved on, but left us with some much-needed rain. I’ve noticed that rain isn’t something to be taken lightly in Texas. We don’t get much for months on end and then we suddenly get downpours that flood the streets and make it impossible to do anything. Craziness! The summer is the worst. It was so dry last year (after the initial heavy spring rains) that I could feel it in my bones. It’s hard to explain, but the instinct was dead on. I don’t know how people that live in the desert do it. I would go crazy!!

Heavy Rain in the AM, some drops in our bamboo blinds

The sun came out in the afternoon and we spent some time outside on the patio playing in the sandbox. Somebody remind me to get Lorelai some rain boots and a jacket. I really want to take her out to play in the rain!

Sun in the PM
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