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The Quetzal is another species of our Endangered Animals unit. Though they aren’t endangered, they are threatened. Neither Lorelai, my animal-obsessed 5-year-old, or I had heard of a quetzal before seeing it on an endangered/threatened animals list. We googled it and were amazed by how beautiful this bird is! It’s vibrantly colored with extremely long tail feathers — just gorgeous! Lorelai really looked forward to doing this craft. Though the picture above isn’t the best, I think she did a great job! Print below & enjoy!

Open Quetzal Printable

Facts About Quetzals

  • Quetzals are a threatened species.
  • They live in the mountainous, tropical rainforests of Central America.
  • They eat fruit, insects, lizards, and other small creatures.
  • During mating season, male quetzals grow twin tail feathers that can be as long as 3 feet! Females don’t have long trains.
  • Quetzals hollow holes out of rotten tree trunks or stumps, and lay their eggs there.
  • To read more about quetzals, please go here

Male Quetzal Nesting & Calling Out

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  1. An amazing bird. I teach preschool and my children love birds, bugs and animals. They always want more. Thank you I was looking for something to do with Quetzal and there here it is.

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