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Pyramid Craft Printable Template

The last ancient Egypt craft that I will be sharing this week is our printable pyramid template. This craft actually makes a 3-D pyramid! Lorelai took her time and made a pyramid with bricks and a door. Then she left it on the windowsill where our puppy proceeded to tear it apart. She was bummed but she has another printable waiting for her if she ever wants to make another. Also check out our Eye of Ra Outline & Pharaoh Headdress Template!

Step 1: Print out the template (below) and cut out the shape along the outside solid border.

Step 2: FLIP THE TEMPLATE OVER to the blank side and have your child paint the triangle sections. Allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Flip the template back over to the printed side. Using the dotted lines as a guide, fold each triangle section upwards. From here, you will tape each section together. If you don’t want a lot of tape showing, tape the inside sections together and then use just a small piece to secure the last two sections together. We didn’t mind the tape on the outside at all, however. It didn’t take away from the craft at all. You might have to re-fold at the dotted lines a couple of times to get the top to perfectly aline.

Here are both Lorelai’s and Madeline’s pyramids. My 3-year-old loves to do whatever big sis is doing, so she got in on craft time today. Anyway, grab the printable below, and enjoy!

Open & Print: Pyramid Craft

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