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I couldn’t believe we hadn’t made a stork craft yet, after all these years! Lorelai requested one recently after seeing the cute new movie, Storks. I designed up this template and she painted it right away. Storks really are interested birds. Be sure to check the fact list I posted below! Enjoy!

Open & Print: Stork Craft

Facts About Storks
– Storks actually CANNOT carry around babies. =)
– They are heavy birds and can’t fly very far. Instead, they glide on warm air currents called thermals.
– Storks make hisses and screeches instead of singing like most birds. They also clatter and snap their bills together to make noise.
– They build huge nests that can be up to 9 feet wide! They nest in a variety of places, including trees, telephone poles, the roofs of houses, and cliffs.
– They eat dead or dying animals and keep the area clear.
– Storks like to live together in colonies, but sometimes they do live alone.


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