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It’s Back to School time here in the U.S. Parents are flocking to the stores to buy lists of school supplies and new clothes. Kids are enjoying their last couple of weeks before heading back to the classroom. I’ve mentioned this already, but my little girl is starting first grade this year. She’s very excited about it, though she is NOT happy about having to get up early again. She’s a bit of a night owl so early bedtime and early rising is not really her thing.

Anyway, she colored her “1st Grader” coloring sheet and stuck it on the fridge. I didn’t get a picture, but I don’t think it’s necessary. There’s a pinnable image at the top of this post if you’d like to share! Print below. (Tip: in your printer settings, do selective print or “print current page” so you don’t accidentally print the entire pdf file)

Open Grade Coloring Sheets Printable

What grade is your child in this year? Is he or she excited for school?
Also, don’t forget to check out the Printable Grade Photo Prop that I posted earlier!

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  1. OH this is sooo cool yet so simple! THANK YOU! Actually I’m laughing because your creating it has offered a perfect opportunity for my kids ;D There’s one going into K (senior kindergarten as we call here in Canada) and a Teen going into Grade 9. When I read post at first I did not realize print included all grades 😉 NOW, I can make them two sit together to design their signs! These are perfect thank you so much HappySummer

  2. Love these! Is there any way you might add one that just has a P and says Preschooler?! I know my boys would love to each have one to color. My 2nd grader is taking his apple craft to his new teacher tomorrow!!!

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