Printable Nativity Scene Craft

Printable Nativity Scene

I’ll be honest. Creating a Nativity Scene craft for Lorelai seemed incredibly time-consuming and just too much when I was making our craft list. But, now I’m glad I made it. It was a great reason to discuss the birth of Christ and the happenings that day (er, night). I read Lorelai the chapter from her Children’s Bible and we had a nice discussion after. She was particularly enthralled by the fact that Jesus was born in a barn. She’s a bit of a country girl at heart, and she loved that! =)

The printable itself is 4 pages – the graphic for color reference, the manger, the people page (mary, jesus, jospeh, and the three wise men), and the other page with the angel, shepherd, and sheep. My husband nitpicked a little and pointed out things it was missing, but honestly… our 5 year-old was completely happy with it, and it shows all of the main people. Anyway, you don’t have to print out the first page – I did, just because Lorelai wanted to paint everything like the picture. You can skip it by doing the selective printing (pages 2-4 only) or just printing each page individually.

Also, the characters are on the smaller side. Lorelai painted everything with Q-tips (I was being lazy and didn’t want to wash paintbrushes). They worked out great in getting in the smaller spaces. We also glued everything down onto 2 cardstock pages that had been taped together. Print below and enjoy!

Open Nativity Scene Printable

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