Printable Lungs Craft

Good morning, crafters! Today I’m sharing the second organ set I designed here on LearnCreateLove! I posted the Printable Human Heart craft a few weeks ago. These organs are a great deviation from the animals and characters I have been making lately… and they are very interesting to Lorelai! The printable itself is very simple, but that’s what makes it good for children.

Lung Facts: The lungs are a pair of highly elastic and spongy organs in the chest. They are the main organs involved in breathing. They take in air from the atmosphere and provide a place for oxygen to enter the blood and for carbon dioxide to leave the blood.

Print below and enjoy!

Open Lungs Printable

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  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I have just found your site and I must say it is amazing. My 3y/o transport obsessed son is over the moon with all the crafts that we are going to be doing.

    I am now so excited to see your organ range. My 7y/o ASD son loves to explore the body, and whilst I have sat with him and looked at diagrams this is perfect for him to be able to name the parts without it being to fiddley. I am just wondering if you will be doing anymore?

    Thank- you your page is amazing. I also appreciate that you have a good range of “boy themed” crafts as it is so hard to find good quality items.


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