Printable Camel Craft

This one has been sitting on my coffee table for almost a week. Lorelai finally picked the camel to craft today. She had a hard time coming up with a good color for him. She chose orange first, then pink, but decided she has too many pink crafts. She finally settled on yellow. So here’s Cammie, the yellow camel. No process pictures because I had a paint spill to deal with. Print below.

Open Camel Printable

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  2. HI, thanks for the camel printout….I’m gonna use it with brads so he has moveable legs, head and tail for my Sunday School class on a lesson about Abraham’s servant bringing 10 camels on his journey to find Isaac a wife.

  3. Me encantó el camello, a mi niña le servirá para el mural que tiene que presentar esta semana sobre el desierto y los Tuareg en 1º de infantil.
    Gracias por compartir.

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