Printable Bunny Rabbit Craft

Bunny Rabbit Craft
Digital Rendition - What I intended it to look like. Got pretty close!

Isn’t he cute? Sorry about all of the glue. Lorelai was in charge of putting the glue on the pieces and she overloaded it. I have plans tonight and can’t wait around for the glue to dry before posting. =) I got the idea (baby rabbit) from Katy of KatyEgg. Her daughter loves baby rabbits so I decided to make a printable of one. Lorelai was so excited when she saw this one on the computer… she bugged me about it all day! There are a bunch of pieces to this one but the end result is worth it!

Open Bunny Body Printable & Open Bunny Features Printable

Materials We Used:

  • Paint – Brown (4 shades), Black, Pink
  • Cardstock – 3 pieces (2 to print on)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Patience
  • Paintbrushes

You will have 4 shades of brown. Of course, you can do less, but the different shades give it more depth and separates the different parts so that it’s not just one solid brown blob with cute eyes, lol.

Paint Guide:

  • Lightest Brown: Bottoms of cheeks (bigger ovals), Nose “puffs”, Tail
  • Medium Brown: Tops of cheeks, heads, ears (bottom layer)
  • Medium-Dark Brown: Body
  • Darkest Brown: Eye color (2nd layer)
  • Pink: Ears (top layer) and Nose
  • Black: Eyes (third layer, the pupil)

Honestly, it’s not THAT complicated. Just refer back to the bunny picture above and have at it. You don’t even have to do the same exact colors – it’s just easier to explain with the colors I used. Directions are the same as every other printable – paint, allow to dry, cut out, and glue down. Do a “dry” assemble before gluing down on this one to see the order in which you should glue. I made a little graphic to help – again, not THAT hard, but it’s there if you need it:

Layering break down
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