Printable Barracuda Craft

This is another one of Lorelai’s picks from her animal encyclopedia. I didn’t have high hopes for the barracuda, but I think they turned out pretty cute! This printable is very simple. There aren’t a ton of parts to cut out. I decided to leave it basically whole except for the eye. On each printable, there are two fish- they fit, so why not? =) Lorelai decided to paint them blue and pink with alternating fin colors. She cut them out by herself (except for the teeth part) and decided that they are brother and sister. Print below and, as always, enjoy!

Open Barracuda Printable

Barracuda Facts:

  • Barracuda or carnivorous fish that vary from 50cm – 2m long.
  • Barracuda like to eat smaller fish, crustaceans, and squid.
  • Since barracudas can grow to be a very large fish, they have few natural predators. Among those include sharks, whales, and humans.
  • Find more facts about barracudas here.

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  1. I have loved your ocean theme! The kiddos have had so much fun making them and just went to the Monterey Aquarium and now get to make the animals they saw! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these! My daughter is obsessed with baraccudas and we are using these adorable drawings for her 5th birthday cake this week. Thank you!

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