Printable Apple Craft

Apple Craft with Printable

Fall is upon us! I love everything about this season – cooler temps (living in Houston, this is a big deal), apples, pumpkins, fall decor, festivals, and more! I designed this apple craft for Lorelai to paint and assemble like all of our other printables, but decided at the last minute to switch it up. I cut up a bunch of construction paper and let her glue them down that way. It turned out really cute! Lorelai decided to gift this to her teacher (yay! somebody else to pawn completed crafts off on!) so I couldn’t hang it up in our home. Since it’s apple season, she will probably do another one in regular printable craft form (painting) soon!

If you do the craft this way (instead of painting), cut out the pieces first!
Cut the construction paper into small squares

Glue down the construction paper!

Instructions are in the picture above. Print below and enjoy!!

Open Apple Printable

Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

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